When Apache designer David Jet Black Horse walks into a room, his style, grace and singularly unique character make an undeniably bold and unforgettable impression.  It appears his signature collection of bags, accessories and garments have the same effect.

“I never doubted myself or thought that I would fail if I designed from my heart and from what I know best,” says the ex-rock and roll photographer, who used to shoot legendary artists such as David Bowie, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and hundreds more.  “I knew a had a talent for the arts, and being the first and only Native American to achieve recognition in that industry really helped to emphasize it.”

Although David has experienced success in fields outside of fashion, his innate passion and natural flair for the arts, combined with an inexhaustible entrepreneurial spirit, have remained the constant, driving forces throughout his life.  

Born in New Mexico, David Jet Black Horse started his first company, an independently owned photography studio, at the age of 16 after his sister gave him a camera so that he could document his furniture making projects.

By 18, having honed his skills behind the lens in New Mexico, David informed his family that he was moving to Hollywood to become a rock n' roll photographer.
With over 20 years of success and a portfolio of photographs appearing in over 100 publications worldwide, David decided to leave Hollywood.  In the early 90's, Jet Black Horse decided to return to his familial roots in New Mexico and re-familiarize himself with the culture of his ancestors.  The Native American people's traditional aptitude for excellence in artistic craftsmanship and the habitual utilization of and inherent respect for nature shown therein inspired Jet Black Horse to create his own designs, and thus marked the beginnings from whence his first couture line evolved.
In summer 2003, several years after the creation of his first signature shoulder bag, Jet Black Horse presented his premiere collection to the fashion community.  

In June of that year, a variety of Jet Black Horse designs were featured in a Steven Meisel photo layout in Italian Vogue, representing David's introduction to the world of editorial.  Appearances on over 75 websites and in over 30 magazines around the world, such as Elle, InStyle, Playboy, Oprah, and many others followed, along with media attention from the likes of the BBC and Reuters News Service, the acquisition of elite celebrity clientele including actresses Cameron Diaz and Audrey Tatou, and the opportunity to design for Ralph Lauren.

David's authentically handcrafted creations, accentuated by his trademark practice of using leathers of various weights, colors, and textures ensures that every Jet Black Horse design, steeped in the tradition of his tribal ancestors, is truly one-of-a-kind.   His designs are currently available by special order through this website.


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